Your wisdom and encouragement has meant more to me than I can convey to you. 
Many thanks and warm regards.


I spoke to my physician the day after I was with you in your office.  Your advice was so helpful and encouraging.  More importantly, I want to tell you what it means to be to be able to call you and get on your calendar in order to hear your sage advice.  Just knowing you are there is so important to me.  My life is both busy and full. I will always be grateful to you for your help and guidance. 


Thank you again for your recent counsel and advice.  My wife and I are finalizing our move to the East Coast. I didn't want to leave Dallas without expressing her gratitude and mine for your kindness, your strong sense of justice and fair play, and the genuine respect that you showed for my wife and me and for our problems. I just wanted to say thank you.


First I want to wish you a belated happy birthday.  Mostly though, I want to thank you for taking on and working with our church during such a difficult time.  You were of indescribable help to me and to others, and it was a joy to me to get to know and to work with you. You brought me up in difficult times.  You taught me much about connections and about loving others and about showing commitment.  Thank you for all of this Bud, and so much more.


My wife and I are still married.  Would you have guessed?  There is an element in my personality that will always be peculiar, but I think that I have kept it from becoming self-destructive.  I have also managed to help keep my wife and children safe and protected from my peculiarities and from things that go bump in the night.  Your "Bud-isms" come up in our conversations quite often. I have learned to be a tender and kind and loving partner most days.  I think that she likes me.  I certainly adore her. Our therapy sessions brought up a lot of questions about consideration, about sexuality, morals and mores, externally imposed behavior, self-image, and what it really means to be in an emotionally and sexually exclusive relationship for a lifetime. I am an imperfect man who has overcome a lot, largely with your help.  My wife echoes my sentiments about my gratitude to you.  I wish you and your family well.


I want to tell you, very seriously, that you have meant so much to me throughout my therapy work with you.  I don't know if I have ever emphasized that to you.  Each time I left your office, I spent some time writing down the useful and often wise things that you and I said that I wanted to remember.  I still take those pages out and read them.  It’s like having a free hour with you.  I am a better and kinder person because of the work that I did with you.  I have more confidence in myself and I am more emotionally available in supportive ways to my family.  You helped me in all those ways.  I am, of course, more than grateful, and so very pleased to pass this information on to you.  May your life be rich and blessed.


Thanks for helping me gain perspective--yet again--yesterday.  It means so much that I can always count on you to be a solid source of clarity and guidance in my life.  Be well.


Thank God for you.  Thank you for what you just did.  What you did was to help us save our shaky marriage.  I really love that man.  He says he thinks you are pretty special, too.  He said that I could tell you that.


I just wanted to say that as a result of having the privilege of meeting and working with you, I am convinced that the saying "When you are ready, the teacher will be there" is true.  I guess I was ready when I walked through your doors the first time in 2007.  Thank you for starting my life anew, encouraging me to never give up on my dreams, and for believing in me when I didn't even believe in myself. With much love and admiration.


By now you are old enough to muse about your legacy.  When you do, consider this: You have produced a cadre of patients and former patients somewhat unique in that they have strong and clear understandings about themselves and their world, tender hearts, sweet souls, and courageous spirits.  They are among your living legacies.  I am one of those many.  Every time I have sat across from one of my own patients and began the therapeutic journey, your teachings have always been there with me, in that sometimes lonely place. As I have aged, I have come to believe that psychotherapy is the only true magic--how else could mere words transmogrify a person into a different kind of person.  And so, if this be true, then you are the finest magician in all the land.


I am glad to know that you were grateful for my referrals back in the old days, but it was more my gain than yours.  In those early years during the transition from the rural to the metropolitan centers, young families lost the support systems of the extended family/small village.  There weren't many folks like you hanging out their shingles, yet, and the only place for these families to turn was to clergy.  We were not very well trained, so we were flying by the seat of our pants, but we were flying night and day, while at the same time trying to serve churches in the way that generations had come to expect.  So, when folks like you began to show up on the scene, it saved our lives.  You will never know how grateful I have been to be able to send people to someone like you knowing that they were going to find help.  You will never know how many so-called counselors I went through before I found someone like you who could. I don't need to say any more or I will shed a few tears.  We, together, did it well.  I can say that.

Rev. DS

Thank you for helping me and my wife.  The changes have been remarkable.  I really didn't think things could get better much less really great.  We constantly bring up your idea about following our dreams and communicating those dreams to our spouses. You have helped us reach a new perspective.  Hopefully we will return to you and your respect and kindness and wisdom in the future.  Thanks again.  You don't know how often we both cite your advice and counsel and consequently reach resolution. It's working, I think, because she and I are working, and this time, we are working together.  God I love that good woman.


I am now sure if you remember either me or my husband.  Bud we remember you, and we are extremely grateful for your guidance.  We can honestly say that we are in a happy and healthy marriage.  Thank you for the job that you do for all of your patients.  You definitely have a place in our hearts, and God favors the great work that you do.  May many blessings be upon you and your family.


Thank you for your words of encouragement and support to me after the death of our wonderful son.  Sometimes I get to feeling like a thin, see-through piece of silk, but after seeing you, I feel like a strong piece of upholstery fabric.


Thank you!  With your help, my work horse of a husband has become a more playful pony.  We are having so much fun just horsing around.  The truth.


You are frequently in our thoughts and we are checking off  a few things on  our bucket list and wanted you to known it.  The simple truths that you shared with us have made a world of difference in who we have chosen to let ourselves become.


Thank you for your help yesterday.  I felt so much better when I left your office.  I wanted you to know.  I know that you have said that while it is certainly great to feel better, it is also good when we think a little differently, and when we act differently. I also wanted you to know that I am doing those things, too.  Your partnership was and is crucial.


We think of you frequently and still consider many of the things that you said to us as though they were nuggets of pure gold. It's been so difficult, Dr. Littlefield, but for the past two years, things have gotten so much better between us that I finally feel that it's going to work.  I love that man very much, and thanks to you and a tremendous effort on his part, we are trying to help each other instead of being
obstructive. We both thank you very much for your help when we really needed it.  In your work, it is probably rare that you see the full effects of your efforts, so I just wanted you to know that we still feel them and are grateful to you, and actually to ourselves as well.