Learn to Grow and Recover Together

Learn to Grow and Recover Together

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In this day and age, maintaining a healthy, happy partnership is no easy feat. Whether you’ve been married for many years, or you’ve just started dating, you’ll encounter many roadblocks on the path to relational harmony.

At Family Psychology Institute of Dallas, Inc., you can improve your intimate relationship. Our psychologist, Robert P. Littlefield, Ph.D., is an authority in the field of relational psychology. He’ll help you to:

  • Improve your communication habits
  • Feel a sense of protectiveness about your relationship
  • Avoid the negativity of third parties
  • Learn all the benefits of an emotional partnership

Yes, a better relationship is possible.

We offer couples crisis counseling in Dallas, TX

Has your partnership or marriage been negatively affected by a revelation of infidelity or deception? Dr. Littlefield can help you cope with a sense of broken trust. Call 972-934-3858 to schedule marital therapy in Dallas, Texas.

Marriage: It's the Center Pole in the Tent

  • Marriages, like friendships, are made by people of the same or similar level of emotional maturity. Our friends and our marriage partner reflect our own level of emotional maturity. 
  • Couples who delay marriages until about age 28 seem to have far fewer divorces than do those who marry earlier. 
  • Psychologists have been able to predict whether a couple will stay together or divorce with 95% accuracy during the first year of marriage
  • Married men live longer, have fewer illnesses, and enjoy greater professional success than their single counterparts. Married men who share in household duties share similar benefits.
  • Marital satisfaction is usually greater before the first child is born and after the youngest child leaves home. 
  • Husbands who are more likely to divorce have blood flow 17% faster than husbands who are not likely to divorce.
  • The four actions that are more corrosive to marriage are: Criticism/Blame, Defensiveness, Contempt/Direct Insults, and Stonewalling. (Direct insults to a woman predict how many infectious illnesses the wife will have in the next six months.)
  • In successful families, couples can pull together and respect differences. They can be apart, and they can be together. They can have choices.
  • Good marriage therapy helps couples to live without a therapist. Good therapists know how to work themselves out of a job. 

Marital Therapy Can Help Individuals in a Marriage:

  • be separate as individuals and be together as a couple.
  • take responsibility for their own goals, actions, and needs.
  • find the courage to talk about their own goals, actions and needs.
  • identify and manage their normal differences in a non-blaming way. 
  • nurture and protect themselves and each other. 
  • enjoy and celebrate sexual affections.
  • nurture and guide children.
  • heal old wounds and recover from old hurts.
  • identify and leave behind old ways that just don't work any more. 
  • pull together and protect their relationship from the sharks that encircle every marriage.