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At Family Psychology Institute of Dallas, Inc., we want to help you become the best version of yourself. Additionally, we want your relationships to be distinguished by good communication, affection, transparency, and mutual support.

To achieve these goals, we offer multiple therapeutic processes. Whether you're struggling through a sexual addiction or an unhappy marriage, depression or anxiety, we can help you improve your life. Let us show you how! Call 972-934-3858 to learn more about our Dallas, Texas counseling services.

"If we know anything about marriage at all, we know that like most things important such as gestation, happiness, endings and beginnings it's more than an event; it's a process. As far as we all know, one man and one woman, together, have been doing something like this for at least 50,000 generations. If they hadn't, we wouldn't be here. So far, nobody has been able to alter the process, neither politicians and pedagogues, nor anxious mothers and skeptical fathers." - Robert P. Littlefield, Ph.D.

"I"ve known Bud Littlefield many years. He's helped my friends, my family and many of my clients over those years. You don't have to spend much time with Bud to realize that he's extremely gifted, deeply empathetic and the hardest working person in the room. His insight and practical advice are just what most folks need in these complex and difficult times. You can count on Bud."

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Three Reasons to Choose Family Psychology Institute of Dallas Today

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Imagine how you'll feel when you're the happiest, healthiest version of yourself! Here are three reasons to choose Family Psychology Institute of Dallas:

  1. We have decades of experience in the field. Our psychologist, Robert P. Littlefield, Ph.D., comes to his clients with 40 years of professional therapeutic experience. Dr. Littlefield is a leading authority in the fields of sexual and relationship psychology.
  2. We provide a safe space for sharing. There are many societal stigmas related to issues such as sexual addiction. Our therapy center is intended to be a place where you can share and heal in confidence.
  3. We come highly recommended. Our counseling center is one of the most trusted in the northern Dallas area. In fact, most of our new clients come to us through personal referrals.
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Top  2018 Couple And Marriage Therapy Therapist

Top 2018 Couple And Marriage Therapy Therapist

Robert P. Littlefield, Ph.D., ABPP Board Certified in Couple and Family Psychology (ABPP) CSAT certified in Addictions and Recovery EMDR Trained Member: Dallas Psychological Association Member: Texas Psychological Association Member: International Association for Trauma and Addiction Recovery Licensed Psychologist, Texas, License Number 20441 Active Consultant to The London Museum.

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