Family: It's the main event in life, not to be missed.

It's the place where people learn about themselves, about relationships, and about the world.

  • Caring relationships enhance health, reduce illness, and extend life. In general, married med live longer than single men. Being married does not convey similar benefits to women. 
  • Divorce can be an emotional shock wave across the family. No family member is un-involved or unaffected.
  • Children from intact families on the average live two years longer, have less depression and physical illness, make better grades, and have fewer divorces themselves than children from divorced families.
  • Depression and isolation magnify illness across the life span. A supportive family can be the wellspring of physical and mental well-being at any age. Family relationships are the main even in life. Many people miss the main event.

Family Therapy can Help Family Members...

  • find the courage to talk more easily about what can't be talked about.
  • solve problems and make plans.
  • protect children.
  • pull together.
  • identify individual needs.
  • enjoy each other more.
  • survive divorce and remarriage and strengthen single parent families and step-families.
  • learn about themselves and use what they learn.
  • nurture and help each other.