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Most marriages begin as rescue operations or as psychotherapy projects. Marriage is what happens when the rescue fails. No one ever succeeded in making anyone else happy, at lease not for very long. Marriage is the best “growth engine” that has ever been invented. In any marriage, we either learn and grow, and grow up, or we miss out on one of the main events in life. Since about half of all marriages end in divorce, finding the right fit in your psychologist is critical. Good marriage counselors know how to successfully work themselves out of a job.


Each family has its own story. No family is exactly like any other family. We are all sometimes a source of enjoyment and also sometimes a pain in the neck. Every one of us. A family can become the greatest source of stress and sorrow, or the source of unbounded joy. Nevertheless, it is the main event in life, and certainly worth protecting. When necessary, look for a counselor who is genuine, has at least 10,000 hours of clinical experience, is respectful of you, and knows when you need information, empathy, guidance, and yes, sometimes even straight talk.

Sexual Relationships & Addiction

Dr. Littlefield has been a student of sexuality with all its benefits and challenges for four decades.


Nobody is born knowing anything about sex and sexuality. It is all learned, and sometimes mis-learned.Whether for intimacy, recreation, relaxation, or even as an analgesic—sex can kill pain for up to twelve hours--its one of the most powerful sources of enjoyment and emotional bonding that we know.



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